Dr. Konopka opens a small pharmacy in the suburbs of Tallinn

He takes decision to dedicate his life learning about herbs and plants and using them in the products sold in the pharmacy.

Доктор Конопко открывает свою маленькую аптеку на окраине Таллина
Dr. Konopka creates a cream with a wound healing effect,

this cream contains extracts of 48 valuable herbs. The buyers are impressed with the instantaneous effect of the cream and call it "Dr. Konopka’s wonder cream".

Доктор создает крем с ранозаживляющим эффектом
Dr. Konopka develops unique antibacterial homemade soap

on the basis of aluminum acetate. The soap becomes so popular that the doctor begins to deliver it for sale to the neighboring towns in his truck.

Доктор Конопко разрабатывает уникальное домашнее мыло
Dr. Konopka begins work on products for beauty of body and hair

All of the new products are first tried by the doctor’s wife, the beautiful and incredibly demanding customer. Beauty products come to the pharmacies shelves only after she confirms their highest quality.

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Доктор Конопко впервые начинает работу над средствами для красоты тела и волос
The doctor has developed more than 150 oils for hair
The most successful, he believes to be oils № 52 and № 37.

Oil № 52 — restoring organic hair oil, it nourishes and protects dry, damaged hair, restores their health and shine.
Oil № 37 — a recipe created to combat dandruff, calms sensitive scalp and gives the hair a healthy appearance. These oils later become part of his unique hair shampoos.

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Доктор создаетмасла для волос №37 и №52
Dr. Konopka, at his own expense,

a very limited edition releases a book about his beauty recipes.

Доктор Конопко выпускает книгу рецептов своих продуктов
Eurobiolab company decides to restore beauty recipes of Dr. Konopka

combining them with modern technologies. After three years of hard work the series Dr. Konopka’s beauty products for skin and hair has been finally released.

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Доктор Конопко выпускает книгу рецептов своих продуктов
Eurobiolab company finds more ancient recipes of the miraculous healer Dr.Konopka

and recreated them into modern realities. In addition to excellent quality, you will find a new laconic design that will fit perfectly into your interior.

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Eurobiolab company creates a special collection for men inspired by herbal oils and essences developed by Dr. Konopka.

All products are based as usual on time-tested apothecary recipes! We offer men eco & bio clean ingredients with proven effectiveness. The entire men's line is saturated with the scents of masculinity, strength, freshness and purity.

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