White clay mask for oily skin

Normalizes sebaceous activity and ensures deep skin cleansing

Mask for combination skin

Cleanses, softens and infuses skin with vitamins.

Mask for normal skin

Deeply nourishes and enriches skin.

Cherry mask for withering skin

Makes skin firm and supple, helps reduce wrinkles.

Vegetable honey mask for withering skin

Provides skin with elasticity and resilience, ensures wrinkle reduction, actively nourishes and…...

Cucumber and quince lotion for oily skin

Cleanses pores and whitens skin.

Wild strawberry facial water for combination skin

Normalizes sebaceous activity, reduces inflammation, infuses skin with vitamins and nourishes.

Lettuce moisturizer for normal skin

Intensely nourishes and soothes skin.

Mask for very dry hair

Actively nourishes hair, helps regain its luster and a healthy look.

Mask for thin and weak hair

Intensive nourishment and repair

Oil for dry and brittle hair

Nourishes and repairs hair structure

Vegetable rinse for oily hair

Normalizes sebaceous activity

Oat lotion

Encourages skin renewal

Milk sponge bath

Softens skin, leaving it silky smooth.

Oat scrub

Cleanses and repairs skin

Healing gloves

Nourish, hydrate and soften skin.

Callus-removing ivy

Softens skin, boosts regeneration.

Soothing foot soaks

Relieves feet’s swelling and fatigue.